" Era , Wife and sister of Zeus " - Marlene Luce Tremblay

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Tag   #marleneluce  #era  #zeus  #pintografia 

Dimensioni/Size cm 78 x 50
Tecnica/Tecnique – Pintografia su tela /pintografie on canvas

Marlene Luce Tremblay – Bio
I am a photographer-artist who, as a result of extensive travels throughout the Middle East, was able to offer an artistic “archaeology” of the Arab world. I began this journey with explorations of Egypt and exhibited works both in Montreal and in Cairo, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Canada and Egypt. Throughout my career, I have exhibited my artwork in Montreal, New York, Paris, London, Tunis and Algiers. Today, while my passion for photography is being focused on the city where I now live, I strive to bring to light the beauty of the natural world in conversation with the cityscape. After working only in film photography for many years, I now use digital photography to tint my images highlighting the painterly aspect of my imagery.